Get Better. Stay Better.

Get Better, Stay Better

Get Better Stay Better

Get Better.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, have a sports injury or are suffering from chronic pain, there are many factors influencing your potential recovery. At <a href=””>Capstone</a>, we offer important advantages, to help you obtain the best results.

This allows you to build trust in your therapist, and your therapist will build a better understanding of your problem, and how best to correct it.

At many facilities with high patient volumes, very little one-on-one time is provided by your therapist.  The best recovery requires more attention from your therapist, not untrained staff.

Because we’re a small company, with only one therapist, you can be sure you will be treated by experienced staff.

This includes manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilization, augmented soft tissue mobilization, and myofascial release.

Stay Better

Our experience will help you determine not only “what” your condition is, but also “why” it became a problem. This will allow you work with your therapist to prevent return symptoms.

We are here to see if you are on the right track after therapy is no longer necessary. This will allow you to correct small problems before they become big ones.