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Vestibular Rehabilitation at Capstone Physical Therapy

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Capstone Physical Therapy and Fitness is a comprehensive Physical Therapy practice with offices in Morrisville, N.E. Philadelphia, and Southampton. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our therapists are adept in vestibular rehabilitation, a service that tackles challenges like dizziness, vertigo, and post-concussion syndrome.

Meet Our Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist

Jaquelyn Bamberski, with specialized knowledge in Vestibular Rehabilitation, brings a wealth of expertise in treating vestibular and concussion patients to Capstone. A testament to our commitment to quality, all our therapists are certified through The American Institute of Balance, ensuring top-notch care in treating vestibular dysfunctions and concussions. Our process begins with an extensive analysis of the peripheral and central nervous systems to identify the root cause of the vestibular dysfunction. Once a specific diagnosis is made, patients benefit from an individualized therapy program, receiving one-on-one education and guidance. We pride ourselves in the consistency of care—every patient is overseen by the same therapist throughout their therapy journey.

Understanding the Vestibular System

Our vestibular system is a fascinating construct with three primary components. First, the visual feedback we get from our surroundings. Second, the sensory input our lower extremities receive from the floor. And lastly, the core of the vestibular system—the inner ear. This inner ear acts as a compass, updating our brain about our orientation in space. Any disruption in its function can lead to a feeling of displacement, making our brain perceive motion in one direction when the reality is the exact opposite.

Treating Vertigo and BPPV

A common issue many face is vertigo, specifically benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Typically, affected individuals experience dizziness during certain movements, such as getting out of bed. The usual suspect behind this is otoconia or “crystals” that become detached in our inner ear. These mislead our brains into thinking we’re in motion when we are stationary. The good news? Physical therapy emerges as an exceedingly effective remedy for this ailment, with a significant number of patients noting improvement just after 1-2 comprehensive sessions.

Our focus is to help patients restore function and be confident in their everyday activities. Reach out to us today for a consultation; call 215-677-1149 and take the first step towards a healthier, more confident you. We’re here to help!