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Knee Pain: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

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Knee Pain: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Suffering from Chronic Knee Pain? Over 100 million Americans are in the same boat. Chronic pain is a persistent issue, with knee pain standing as the second most common cause. Delve deeper into the reasons behind this ailment and discover the best treatment options available.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain, a term that refers to discomfort in the front of the knee, is among the most common knee pain complaints. It’s the predominant pain type when related to arthritis. One of the main culprits for this anterior pain is patellofemoral syndrome – a grinding sensation of the kneecap against the groove underneath, a track located on the femur. This often-occurring condition is also known as patellar tracking issue or malalignment.

Effective Knee Pain Treatment Options

Historically, knee pain treatment has leaned towards injections, medication, and in some severe cases, surgery. However, a beacon of hope shines for those wary of invasive treatments. With the correct physical therapy regimen, many can find relief or even a complete resolution to their knee pain. It’s essential to note that while numerous “knee exercises” are available online, they may exacerbate the condition if done improperly.

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain at Capstone Physical Therapy

The experienced Physical Therapists (PTs) at Capstone Physical Therapy specialize in biomechanics, aiming to address the root cause of knee pain. Many times, the origin lies in faulty mechanics linked to the foot, ankle, and hip, which unfairly burdens the knee. Our approach? We focus on getting the surrounding joints to work correctly, decreasing the strain on the knee’s anterior. At Capstone, each patient undergoes a thorough assessment of their strength, balance, and flexibility. The outcome? A tailored program designed specifically to combat the patient’s impairments. Our philosophy is clear – we treat each patient as a unique individual, not just a symptom or body part.

For personalized knee pain treatment, contact Capstone Physical Therapy at 215-677-1149. We’re here to help!